Mazagat makes it easy to organise your business, save time, and acquire more clients.
Unlike traditional property management systems, that require days of training and are expensive, Mazagat takes only 10 minutes to set up, it's simple to run, and it cost only 49.99 USD. Also you will have access to all module and functions, customize it further to suit your needs and constantly improve your work by downloading free updates..

Easy to use, and affordable

Mazagat is a powerful hotel management software dedicated to small and medium accommodation facilities. It has all available modules and features as well as an access to frequent updates and professional technical support.

Keep everything on track with Mazagat: manage reservations, clients, rates, product sales, payments, invoicing and much more.

In Mazagat you can have unlimited hotels, room types & rates without limitations. Also it helps you save time and increase revenue. Try it out

Simplify your hotel operations

Take full control

Manage in one place

Hotel Management software


Manage your reservations like a pro